So Hold Off, Is Actually Armie Hammer A Cannibal Or Exactly What? Their Ex-Girlfriend States Indeed

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So Hold Off, Is Actually Armie Hammer A Cannibal Or What? Their Ex-Girlfriend Claims Yes

I’ll be actual to you: Armie Hammer isn’t really to my radar. Demonstrably everyone else went walnuts for him after

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and every little thing, but he does not do much in my situation and so I do not truly spend a lot focus on what he becomes to. But I also you shouldn’t live under a rock so there had been no way i really could miss out on the news that Armie Hammer is actually maybe/probably a cannibal that broke this week after so-called texts from the actor were released. Just what exactlyis the price right here, individuals – really does he wanna consume real flesh? His ex-girlfriend says the solution to that question is a definite yes.

  1. Courtney Vucekovich generally compared Armie Hammer to Hannibal Lecter.

    The creator of ‘on-demand glam’ software Flashd dated Hammer at some point and advertised that he fundamentally wanted to consume the woman lively. Conversing with

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    , Vucekovich advertised that “he believed to me the guy desires break my rib and barbeque and eat it.” Seems somewhat welcome to random, but sure, you will want to? She claims she believed the remark ended up being “weird” but did not consider a lot about this.

  2. Circumstances escalated after that.

    Vucekovich additionally stated that Hammer told her the guy wanted to “take a bite out” of the lady hence whenever she slashed by herself, however lick and suck them even if these people were hemorrhaging. But she claims that “which is in regards to because unusual as [they] got.” Odd, indeed, yet not always cannibal material. She in addition mentioned that Hammer ended up being into “master-slave roleplay,” thus simply take from that what you would.

  3. Vucekovich and Hammer only met final June.

    She defined him as a “very charming, very rigorous” person to
    at the time, but that’s perhaps not a compliment. “[H]e’s very hostile straight away. Not aggressive, but simply intimately hostile in the manner he talks. He’s magnetized, but with which has helped him pull off this stuff. He is a really pleasant, larger-than-life individuality. He is really caring, the guy enables you to feel very as well as type in addition world. Subsequently little-by-little it will get further and deeper,” she revealed. “the guy sort of becomes enthusiastic about you. Initially you really feel actually secure, then it will get a little odd. After which it becomes more and more, and little by little you’re like ‘what’s taken place?’ It is extremely heavy. I recently learned the phrase ‘lovebomb’ and that is seriously exactly what he does.” She added that he frequently pointed out breaking her ribs, that will be fairly terrifying.

  4. The couple split up in October and she desired treatment for PTSD.

    Soon after their own relationship, Vucekovich checked into a 30-day program that supplied extensive treatment and treatment for PTSD and injury. “I became getting groomed and brilliantly manipulated to-do things that frankly scared myself. I am a consenting adult however it wasn’t me. He could be great at just what the guy does and understands precisely what to express to cause you to follow. He or she is a really dark, complicated individual,” she said.

  5. Therefore is Hammer a cannibal or just what?

    In the event the DMs that were leaked are legitimately from Hammer, he then’s admitted himself that he’s “100per cent a cannibal.” He’s into a number of other dark colored things as well, which will be slightly concerning, but I don’t know after that come within this. I’dn’t even imagine his career are affected because, well, that kind of thing never appears to take place. We imagine he’s going to just put reduced for a few months until it blows more than and it’ll be back again to business as regular. Why don’t we only wish that “business” does not consist of killing and ingesting anybody.

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