Next, you save the composited image as sammy-text-overlay.png. You gave the svg element a width of 750 and height of 483 so that the SVG image will have the same size as sammy.png. This will help in making the text look centered on the sammy.png image. ImageMagick is an open-source image processing software for creating, modifying, and conversion of images. GraphicsMagick is a similar tool that was originally a fork of the ImageMagick project that has become an independent project of its own with several improvements. Make sure you’re making a POST request and using the Form option for the body.

Step 2 — Reading Images and Outputting Metadata

  1. High performance Node.js image processing, the fastest module to resize JPEG, PNG, WebP, AVIF and TIFF images.
  2. Jimp’s resize() method alters the height and/or width of an image via a two-pass bilinear algorithm.
  3. The typical use case for this high speed Node-API moduleis to convert large images in common formats tosmaller, web-friendly JPEG, PNG, WebP, GIF and AVIF images of varying dimensions.
  4. Sharp is a high-performance image processing module for Node.js.

This element uses the src attribute to specify the image source and the alt attribute to provide alternate text for the image. To upload files, we need to configure multer as a middleware to be passed. To set up multer, we need to add the following code to our application. Jimp.AUTO can be passed as the value for the height or width and the image will be resized accordingly while maintaining aspect ratio. You cannot pass Jimp.AUTO as the value for both height and width.

Resizing Images

However, excessively large or unoptimized image files can negatively impact performance and user experience. A robust image processing solution can be invaluable for UGC management. The rotateImage() function is an asynchronous function that reads an image and will return the image rotated to an angle of 33 degrees.

New Project

Now that you’ve rotated and blurred an image, you’ll composite an image over another. For the alpha property to work, you must make sure you define and set the values for r, g, and b. Setting the r, g, and b values to 0 creates a black color. To create a transparent background, you must define a color first, then you can set alpha to 0 to make it transparent. Enter y to save the changes you made in the file, and confirm the file name by pressing ENTER or RETURN key.

Working with Images in Node.js – GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick

Jimp can only be used on a limited range of image formats. Before you start working with the library, you’ll want to make sure it supports the formats you plan to include in your app. The composite() method reads the SVG image from the svgBuffer variable, and positions it 0 pixels from the top, and 0 pixels from the left edge of the sammy.png.

In this example, fall.jpg is the processed image (or background image). Sharp is a high-performance image processing module for Node.js. This module assists with UGC management by offering an easy solution for reading, enhancing, and saving image files. Sharp compresses images faster than most other Node.js modules, like ImageMagick, Jimp, or Squoosh, and produces high-quality results. In this section, you’ll composite sammy-transparent.png over the underwater.png. This will create an illusion of sammy swimming deep in the ocean.

Image-js has a powerful Region of Interests Manager that allows to create ROIs from different sources. The ROIs can then be filtered, manipulated and finally painted to an RGBA image. We read every piece of feedback, and take your input very seriously.

Resizing an image is typically 4x-5x faster than using thequickest ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick settingsdue to its use of libvips. Update your server’s package index, and after that, use apt install to install fontconfig. You’ll use the class name to apply CSS styles to the text element.

Setting x to 50% draws the text in the middle of the container on the x-axis, and setting y to 50% positions the text in the middle on y-axis of the SVG image. The top and left properties control the position of the box. When image processing in node js you set left to 120, the box is positioned 120px from the left edge of the image, and setting top to 70 positions the box 70px from the top edge of the image. The output shows that the original image is 120 kilobytes.

If you want to continue learning Node.js, see How To Code in Node.js series. You have now used the composite() method to add text created with SVG on another image. SVG is an XML-based markup language for creating vector graphics for the web. You can draw text, or shapes such as circles, triangles, and as well as draw complex shapes such as illustrations, logos, etc.

A Node.js server can be run on pretty much any computer including the Raspberry Pi, which means a centralized server performing model actions can be an asset in IoT integrations. This example has some of the functionality of the http version but the minimal and incomplete HTTP protocol has been implemented from scratch. This version uses the express.static built-in middleware of the express module. A more serious problem is that all of the answers here that use the http module are broken. This code reads the contents of the inputFolder using fs.readdir(). If there is an error, it logs the error to the console and returns.

With the extract method, any part of the image that fits inside the box will be retained. This library is able to deal with complex analysis involving images of cell or SEM / TEM. It will deal correctly with 16 bits grey scale images (TIFF or PNG) commonly found in scientific results.

In this article, you learned how to use sharp methods to process images in Node.js. First, you created an instance to read an image and used the metadata() method to extract the image metadata. Afterwards, you used the format() method to change the image type, and compress the image. Next, you proceeded to use various sharp methods to crop, grayscale, rotate, and blur an image. Finally, you used the composite() method to composite an image, and add text on an image. In this tutorial, we reviewed how to use the sharp library to process images in Node.js.